Backstabber [6CD]

Backstabber [6CD]

Author: Cockey, Tim

Narrator: Patrick Girard Lawlor


Format: 6 CDs

Length: 8 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160289

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He's suave, he's sexy, he's cool...and he's an undertaker!

Hitchcock Sewell is back in one of the funniest and most fast-paced novels yet in Tim Cockey's celebrated award-winning series. A man has been murdered in his kitchen. And the apparent killer wants Hitch to scoop up the body and take it away...before the police have arrived. Meanwhile, across town, Hitch smells a rat-maybe two-in the nursing home where an old friend of his has taken up residence.

With his matchless wit and uncommon ability to dig out the truth, Hitch is once again up to his old tricks... and mystery listeners couldn't be happier.

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Tim Cockey is the author of the popular "The Hearse" series of books.


Patrick Girard Lawlor, a classically trained stage actor, has performed on-stage throughout the United States and Europe. He has appeared in several feature films, as well as on the television series, L.A. Heat. His extensive work as an audiobook narrator has garnered numerous awards, including the Audie Award nomination.

Dallas Morning News
"Cockey has created a genuinely funny sleuth in Hitchcock Sewell, Baltimore's premier undertaker."

"An undertaker you'll reallly dig."
"Lawlor executes Hitchcock's character expertly."

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