Every Move Must Have A Purpose [DD]

Every Move Must Have A Purpose [DD]

Author: Pandolfini, Bruce

Narrator: Bruce Pandolfini


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hr, 44 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593162955


Every Move Must Have A Purpose: Strategies From Chess For Business And Life

Fluid and elegant, yet rigorous and rule-bound, chess is a game that seduces, confounds, and hooks. Now, world-renowned chess master and Fortune 500 business consultant Bruce Pandolfini shows readers how chess principles can be simply and logically applied to any business or life situation. No specific chess knowledge is needed, but after reading Every Move Must Have a Purpose, you will share with the most astute chess players the secret to thinking on your feet.

From the celebrated "chairman of the board" comes the secrets of strategy that everyone will find useful.

* Be aggressive, but don't take any unnecessary chances.
* Play the board, not the player.
* Answer all threats with a counter-threat.
* When exchanging, always get at least as much as you give up.
Crisply and engagingly written, with entertaining examples and chess anecdotes, Every Move Must Have a Purpose will improve your strategic thinking so you'll never again debate your next move.

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Bruce Pandolofini is one of the world's most sought-after chess teachers, and one of the most widely read chess writers working today. His role as analyst for PBS's coverage of the 1972 match between chess superstars Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky first launched him into the public eye. Pandolfini was portrayed by Ben Kingsley in the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, and more recently profiled in both the New Yorker and Fast Company. He is a regular columnist for Chess Life, the bible of the chess world, and continues to professionally coach young players and consult with CEO's from numerous Fortune 500 companies. He lives in New York City.


Tom Kelley, author of The Art Of Innovation
"World-famous chess instructor Bruce Pandolfini shows us that life is a chessboard, and then gives us strategies for playing to win."

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