The Saturdays [4CD]

The Saturdays [4CD]

Author: Enright, Elizabeth

Narrator: Pamela Dillman


Format: 4 CDs

Length: 5 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160203

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Meet the Melendys!

Mona, the eldest, is thirteen. She has decided to become an actress and can recite poetry at the drop of a hat. Rush is twelve and a bit mischievous. Miranda is ten and a half. She loves dancing and painting pictures. Oliver is the youngest. At six, he is a calm and thoughtful person. They all live with their father, who is a writer, and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper. This first story of the Melendy's takes place in New York City and tells how the children join together to make Saturday afternoons a time to have fun.

The Saturdays is a timeless story that chronicles the adventures of the children and their Saturday afternoon exploits.

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Elizabeth Enright was born in Oak Park, IL, on September 17, 1909. Her stories do not hide nor dwell on the pain, conflicts and disappointments of childhood but celebrate the joy, pleasure and love that are families. In 1939, Thimble Summer was awarded the Newbery Medal. Gone Away Lake gained three top honors over the years. In 1957 the book received the New York Herald Tribune's children's Spring Book Festival Award. It was also a 1958 Newbery Honor Book. In 1963, the American Library Association named Gone Away Lake as the U.S. nominee for the international Hans Christian Anderson Award. In 1996, Enright was posthumously awarded a LLD degree by Nasson College.

Pamela Dillman has recorded a wide variety of audiobook titles, both in the United States and in Great Britain. Her extensive film, television and theatre credits include over 300 productions on three continents.

The New York Times
"Elizabeth Enright has a quick eye for the unexpected, the amusing and the beautiful in what might be just ordinary experiences."

Publishers Weekly
"Welcome Back! Old favorites are being reissued in force this fall. Elizabeth Enright's Melendy Quartet follows siblings Mona, Rush, Miranda and Oliver. The Saturdays kicks off the series and centers on the foursome's Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club (I.S.A.A.C.), an allowance-endowed venture formed so one lucky Melendy can enjoy a solo sojourn each week."

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