Nail The Job Interview [DD]

Nail The Job Interview [DD]

Author: Krannich PhDs, Caryl & Ron


Format: Digital Download

ISBN: 978-1-59316-302-0


Here's the book that reveals the inside story to conducting effective job interviews. Outlining the whole interview process, from preparation to close and follow-up, the authors provide sound advice on how to:

* Apply 45 key principles to the job interview situation.
* Develop winning answers to 101 important questions.
* Deal with personality, motivation, education, and salary.
* Respond to negative questions with positive answers.
* Communicate positive nonverbal messages.
* Handle behavioral questions confidently.
* Ask 30 key questions about the job and the employer.

Filled with useful tips and examples this audiobook can make the difference between being accepted or rejected for the job. Don't leave for your next job interview without first reviewing this sage advice on what you need to do to nail the job interview and get the job!

Audio Clip

Caryl Rae Krannich Ph.D., based out of Washington, DC, is a seasoned public speaker and trainer to thousands of speakers. An author of over 30 business and personal development books, 101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers is her latest release.

Richard Rohan is a stage and film actor, as well as an award-winning narrator. He has recorded over 100 audiobooks and has received critical acclaim for many of his performances.

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