Unleashed [6CD]

Unleashed [6CD]

Author: Rosenfelt, David

Narrator: Grover Gardner


Format: 6 CDs

Length: 8.5 Hrs

ISBN: 9781593166571


Andy Carpenter's accountant, Sam Willis, is stunned to receive a phone call out of the blue from Barry Price, a high school friend he hasn't spoken to in years, pleading for help with something too frightening to discuss on the phone. Barry needs Sam's financial acumen and lawyer Andy Carpenter's legal expertise and he needs them immediately.

But when Sam almost runs over an injured dog lying in the road on the way to Barry's house, he can't drive off without waiting for help to arrive. By the time Sam makes it, Barry's already taken off on a private airplane headed who-knows-where. Assuming their help is no longer needed, Sam and Andy turn their full attention to helping the dog Sam found recover from his injuries.

Then they learn that Barry's plane has crashed, and they come to the terrifying realization that Sam was also supposed to have been killed on that plane. Barry was in far more serious trouble than either of them knew, and for Sam and Andy, the trouble is only beginning.

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David Rosenfelt, a native of Paterson, New Jersey, is a graduate of NYU. He was the former marketing president for Tri-Star Pictures before becoming a writer of novels and screenplays. Open And Shut was his first novel; First Degree, his second novel, was named a best book of 2003 by Publishers Weekly. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife and 35 dogs.


Grover Gardner, a Washington, D.C.-based actor, director and audiobook narrator, has been a member of the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, as well as Resident Director at Everyman Theatre in Baltimore. Recently, he has been active in educational theater, directing student productions for local universities, and teaching graduate-level courses in acting and voice-over work. He has recorded over 450 audiobooks and was named by AudioFile Magazine as one of "Best Voices of the Century."

"Gardner sounds like he's having a good time reading, and it's obvious why he's won so many awards. There's serious stuff here, but also lots of fun in this fast-moving, upbeat story."

"Gardner brings out the offbeat humor and tension beautifully. He sounds as if he truly enjoys reading this quirky mystery."

Booklist (starred review)
"There is no way you can read this novel without becoming completely caught up in the story. There is nothing else to say about this fine novel, except this; read it as soon as you can."

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"No shaggy dog story, this puppy's alive with reliable Rosenfelt wit and heart."

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