How To Instantly Connect With Anyone [3CD]

How To Instantly Connect With Anyone [3CD]

Author: Lowndes, Leil

Narrator: Leil Lowndes


Format: 3 CDs

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781593164638

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You know who they are. They're the people who, regardless of money, education, looks, or personality, make an impression wherever they go. They are master communicators, and everyone enjoys talking to them.

How To Instantly Connect With Anyone shows you how to be one of those lucky few, so you, too, can meet new people and converse with confidence; be credible and charismatic in every social and business situation; make friends and important contacts wherever you go; and command the respect of everyone you meet.

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Leil Lowndes is an internationally acclaimed communications consultant and speaker whose work as been praised by the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Time Magazine. She is the author of five books, including the best-selling How to Be a People Magnet, How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You, and How To Talk To Anyone. Lowndes has spoken in every major city in the United States and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows.


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