Spontaneous Optimism [2CS]

Spontaneous Optimism [2CS]

Author: Mercer, Dr. M./Troiani, Dr. M.

Narrator: Dr. Michael Mercer, Dr. Maryann Troiani


Format: 2 Cassettes

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781885408211

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Dr. Michael Mercer and Dr. Maryann Troiani, authors of Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life, bring you their latest book, Spontaneous Optimism. In our fast-paced era, everyone craves to be prosperous, healthy and optimistic-but no one wants to spend much time doing it! Spontaneous Optimism provides the solution. You'll learn:

* 5 techniques to feel instantly optimistic
* 8 steps to discover your inspiring vision
* 5 ways to help your family, friends and co-workers
* become optimistic
* 7 actions to increase your prosperity

Citing research and examples, Spontaneous Optimism proves that optimism can boost your health, wealth, happiness, career and personal life. Discover the secrets to becoming an extraordinary individual!

Audio Clip

Dr. Michael Mercer and Dr. Maryann Troiani are speakers, authors, psychologists, and a loving couple. They regularly appear on national television shows such as "Oprah" and "Jenny Jones", plus hundreds of radio talk shows. Dr. Mercer and Dr. Troiani deliver speeches and workshops across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Independent Publisher
"This is a concise and well-documented road map for achieving an optimistic attitude and a happy and successful life."

Wisconsin Bookwatch
"Listeners will discover the secrets to becoming a truly extraordinary and successful individual."

Paul Orfalea, Chairperson of the Board, Kinko's
"Spontaneous Optimism illustrates how anyone can become optimistic and, in doing so, more successful personally and professionally."

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