An Audio Bundle: Storm & Deep Blue [DD]

An Audio Bundle: Storm & Deep Blue [DD]

Author: Junger, Sebastian

Narrator: Terence Aselford, Rick Foucheux, Nick Sampson, Gary Telles, Richard Rohan, Barrett Whitener


Format: Digital Download

Length: 13 Hrs, 1 Min.

ISBN: 9781931953665


Selections by Sebastian Junger, Michael Groom, Gordon Chaplin, Jack London, Rick Bass, Jack LeMoyne, John Vaillant, John Muir, Whitney Balliett, Richard Byrd; Patrick O'Brian, Farley Mowat, Robert Louis Stevenson, Philip Ashton, Rockwell Kent, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Philbrick, Stephen Crane.

Most people associate storms and other big weather with death--with the kind of force that makes each of us wonder about life, and time and the nature of our surroundings. Some people go out looking for bad weather or go to places where they're likely to encounter it. Others have the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, the stories in Storm have more to say than that. They tell us about what happens when people find that treacherous weather--or when it finds them--and we are reminded of the fragility of life, the capriciousness of Nature's will, and how little we can do when both cross paths.

In Deep Blue, for those who dare, things often go wrong under the sea. Such tragedies, spurred by the booming interest in the Titanic and the Andrea Doria, have been the focus of tremendous literature form the world's finest authors. Deep Blue offers compelling tales of shipwrecks and salvage, submarine adventure and free diving, nautical survival and cannibalism.

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Adrenaline Series editor Clint Willis has been a climber and an armchair mountaineer since he was ten years old. His writing about technology, finance and the outdoors has appeared in more than 100 publications, including Men's Journal, Outside, Rock & Ice and The New York Times, and he is a contributing editor of Forbes ASAP and Worth magazines. He lives with his wife and two sons in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Nick Sampson, born in Bristol, England, has been an award-winning stage actor for over 20 years. His theatre experience ranges from British farce to Shakespeare.

Gary Telles has been narrating audiobooks for the past ten years. A veteran stage actor, he has performed classical, contemporary and original theatre across the country, in addition to appearing on television, radio and CD-ROM.

Nick Sampson, born in Bristol, England, has been an award-winning stage actor for over 20 years. His theatre experience ranges from British farce to Shakespeare.

Terence Aselford has narrated over 150 audiobooks. His acting career has included regional theatre roles ranging from Shakespeare to Neil Simon, on camera work in NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries," national television commercials, industrial videos and voice-overs.

Barrett Whitener has been featured in a variety of instructional and entertainment programs. His recordings have received numerous awards, and he was cited as a 'Voice of the Century' in Audiofile Magazine. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Richard Rohan is a stage and film actor, as well as an award-winning narrator. He has recorded over 100 audiobooks and has received critical acclaim for many of his performances.

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