Conquering Stage Fright And Fear Of Public Speaking [DD]

Conquering Stage Fright And Fear Of Public Speaking [DD]

Author: Portney, David

Narrator: David Portney


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hour

ISBN: 9781593161576


This in-depth and exciting interview with expert speaker and in-demand presenter David Portney reveals practical tools, tips and techniques to conquer your stage fright or fear of public speaking forever. Don't let stage fright hold you back one more day, now you can overcome America's #1 fear: public speaking. You already know you can super-charge your career or business by speaking - so don't delay, get this audio, get over your stage fright and fear of public speaking starting right now!

Audio Clip
David R. Portney is leading authority in the field of human awareness, change, and potential. David has conducted trainings and workshops for numerous companies such as Kenwood USA, Herbalife, Meadow Gold Dairy, and Wella-Sebastian. David regularly conducts workshops and classes for the Los Angeles Times and the Learning Annex of Los Angeles.

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