I Love Pie [DD]

I Love Pie [DD]

Author: Tudor, Ann

Narrator: Ann Tudor


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hour

ISBN: 9781593164287


Did your mother forget to teach you to make pie crust? Have you always sought the secrets of biscuits?

Here's the chance to join the slow-food trend toward making your own pies and biscuits. In this audio program, Ann Tudor, calling on some fifty years of making-from-scratch experience, shares everything she knows about pie crust, homemade lard, biscuits, pinwheels, and strawberry shortcake. And just in case you feel that she thinks she knows it all, the last track on this program is a humiliating but hilarious account of one of her spectacular failures.

Ann Tudor is a Toronto writer of creative non-fiction whose current work includes memoirs and collections of personal essays. Her commercially available spoken-word CDs are Tales from My Table and Rosie & the Angels, and her earlier publishing credits in the United States and Canada (books and magazine articles) date from 1974. This CD reflects the varied experiences of a lifetime: church organist, craftsperson, wife-mother-grandmother, cook, student of the cello, hands-on healer, copy editor, and managing editor. From each of her vocations and avocations she has coaxed a little additional information on how to make it through the journey.


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