Innergizing Your Career [DD]

Innergizing Your Career [DD]

Author: Clarke, Heather

Narrator: Heather Clarke


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hour

ISBN: 9781593164355


In this hour-long seminar recorded at Acadia University, national public speaker Heather Clarke shares her boundless knowledge for "innergizing" others so they may experience the "art of living" and find alternate careers that resonate with their passions. Known for her infectious enthusiasm and being a motivator of action, Clarke challenges her clients to move forward--even in the most hopeless cases.

Audio Clip
Heather Clarke was the founder and president of Career Innovations Corporation Inc. She started work as a Rehabilitation Practitioner at Michener Centre 25 years ago where she learned how to help others overcome barriers and obstacles to their lives. She has been involved in the fields of Health & Disability Management for 25 years. Heather has extensive experience with intellectual and career assessments, research & program design, counseling, lifestyle and career coaching, motivational speaking and teaching at university and college campuses.

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