It\'s OK Not To Be OK, During A Challenging Life Experience [DD]

It's OK Not To Be OK, During A Challenging Life Experience [DD]

Author: Lerner, Dr. Mark

Narrator: Dr. Mark Lerner


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hour

ISBN: 9781593164362


Have you faced a particularly challenging life experience--the tragic loss of a loved one, a serious illness or injury, physical or sexual abuse, an accident, loss of your job, divorce, suicide, military combat, a terrorist attack, fire or natural disaster?

In the following three audio sessions, Dr. Mark Lerner will teach you what you 'need to know.' In session one, he provides practical information that will help you understand what's happening to you now--so you can regain a sense of control. In session two, he offers strategies that will ease your pain, keep you functioning and lessen the likelihood of ongoing emotional suffering. In session three, Dr. Lerner will help you to survive and thrive.

Audio Clip
Dr. Mark Lerner is a Clinical Psychologist, Traumatic Stress Consultant and founder of "It's OK Not To Be Ok." He is Chairman of the National Center for Crisis Management and President of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Dr. Lerner is the originator of the Acute Traumatic Stress Management invention model and a member of the Expert Working Group on Crisis & Stress Management with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security.


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