How Can I Find A Job In A Weak Job Market? [DD]

How Can I Find A Job In A Weak Job Market? [DD]

Author: Harris, Felicia

Narrator: Felicia Harris


Format: Digital Download

Length: 18 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593164768


How can I find a job in a weak job market? You've been searching for employment for a while now with no prospects. You're doing everything you know to do in order to obtain a job that will allow you to earn a living, pay your bills and support your family. But your efforts seem to be leading nowhere. Let Felicia Harris explain the necessary steps to take that will assist you in your job search and build confidence in the process.

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Felicia Harris' ministry has existed for more than a decade, delivering thousands of encouraging messages to individuals feeling hopeless due to life's heartaches and crisis situations. Her direct-approach teachings involve self-help and a reliance upon the wisdom of God, and have helped transform the lives of people nationwide through bible study classes for college students and the members of North Mesquite Assembly of God, counseling sessions, audio programs, and self-help articles. Born in Chicago and now living in Mesquite, TX, Felicia is a gifted visionary, successful businesswoman, and a much sought-after speaker. She has been married for nineteen years to her husband, and is the mother of two daughters, both college students.


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