The Breathing Dead [DD]

The Breathing Dead [DD]

Author: Esmonde, A.M.

Narrator: Paul Rees, with music by Kevin MacLeod


Format: Digital Download

Length: 1 Hr, 12 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593164829


Is it too late? The world is overrun by the infectious walking dead seeking living flesh... The Breathing Dead, a zombie tale, follows Karen, Jane, Sam and House fighting for survival in Farmore. In world where being dead no longer means the end, time is running out for the human race...

This recording includes ambient music and subtle sound effects.

Audio Clip

Novelist/Producer A. M. Esmonde was born in 1977 and lives in Wales, United Kingdom. Writer of the horror books Blood Hunger and Dead Pulse he is particularly fond of the horror genre, producing The Breathing Dead audio book and USA films Terminus and Revamped.

Paul Rees has been involved in radio for over 25 years and during that time has interviewed many well known personalities. He currently presents and co-produces both an arts and music-based program which is broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Paul has voiced numerous corporate video productions as well as having presented to camera. He has also worked on other audio productions which he has both produced and presented, including commercials for radio, vocal presentation for drama and specialist audio applications. Paul is one of the most listened to voices in the UK. Music on this audiobook is provided by Kevin MacLeod.

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