How And Why A Poem Works [DD]

How And Why A Poem Works [DD]

Author: Lehman, John

Narrator: John Lehman


Format: Digital Download

Length: 51 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593165161


A thought-provoking 51-minute audio presentation for writers, readers, students, teachers, parents--anyone who has ever wondered why a particular poem is their favorite. Includes Stopping By The Woods: Delving beneath the surface of Robert Frost's poetry.

Audio Clip
John Lehman is a nationally published writer and poet with twenty years experience as a professional speaker and fifteen years as a creative director and senior copy writer for advertising agencies. He is a graduate of the Great Books Program at Notre Dame University and has a Masters Degree in Curriculum Development from the University of Michigan. John has presented seminars throughout the country. He is a book reviewer, business columnist, poet and free-lance feature writer for magazines and newspapers. His articles have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Popular Science, Omni and in more than fifty other trade consumer publications. He is also founder of Rosebud, managing partner of Zelda Wilde Publishing and the poetry editor of Wisconsin People and Ideas.

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