A Rare Recording of Carl Jung [DD]

A Rare Recording of Carl Jung [DD]

Author: Jung, Carl

Narrator: Carl Jung


Format: Digital Download

Length: 7 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593166090


Hear seven minutes of a 1959 interview with Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung on the BBC program, Face to Face, hosted by John Freeman. This probing interview with Jung, considered the world's greatest psychiatrist, provides a rare glimpse into his personal viewpoints and sheds insight into his pioneering work.

Afterward, Jung was taken aback at the unexpectedly positive response from the general public. This strong interest in his work inspired Jung to write his final work, Man and His Symbols, his theory of the symbolism of dreams, explained in lay terms so as to be accessible to all who would come seeking answers.

Audio Clip
Carl Gustav Jung (July 26, 1875 - June 6, 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of Analytical Psychology. Jung is often considered the first modern psychologist to state that the human psyche is "by nature religious" and to explore it in depth.

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