There Are Worse Things I Could Do [DD]

There Are Worse Things I Could Do [DD]

Author: Barbeau, Adrienne

Narrator: Adrienne Barbeau


Format: Digital Download

Length: 8 Hours

ISBN: 9781593164270


Adrienne Barbeau never set out to be a sex symbol and she never planned on giving birth to twins when she was 51 but both those stories and a lot more are detailed in this witty, revealing memoir.

From her early years as one of the first Go-Go girls in New York (No one said Mafia out loud in those days. There was always the fear you wouldn't live to say anything else.) to starring on Broadway in Grease (Alexander Cohen swore the only way we'd win a Tony was over his dead body) Adrienne tells tales about her two hit television series (Maude and Carnivale), her many television and feature films (The Fog, Escape From New York, Cannonball Run, Swamp Thing, Creepshow), and her singing career (Doc Severinson and the band had been in the audience during my nude foray off-Broadway in Stag Movie).

With humor and fearlessness, she shares her romance with a superstar, her marriage to a famous film director, her marriage to a much younger man and her successful battle with infertility.

Audio Clip
Adrienne Barbeau is an television, film and theater actress, as well as the author of two best-selling books. Barbeau came to prominence in the 1970s as Broadway's original Rizzo in the musical "Grease" (which earned her a Tony Award nomination), as Bea Arthur's divorced daughter Carol Trainer in the hit sitcom "Maude" (nominated for a Golden Globe), and in several horror and science fiction films. A popular sex symbol during that era, her more notable film work includes the classics, "The Fog," "Swamp Thing" and "Escape From New York." In the 1990s, Barbeau provided the sultry voice of Catwoman on "Batman: The Animated Series." Most recently, Barbeau has been seen in "Carnivale," "The Drew Carey Show" and a number of feature films. She is the mother of three boys.


Publishers Weekly
"Barbeau hits 60 fabulously in this straightforward, muscularly written memoir of the acting life. The Maude star proves herself a writer with flair."

Kirkus Reviews
"Barbeau delves into far more interesting subject matter here than the usual warmed over show biz anecdotes. The refreshing directness of her approach keep things moving...she also has a nice way of introducing characters: 'I played a whore in a bordello who's in love with a legless man. Alex was the legless man'."

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