Jenny\'s Humiliating Roadside Strip Search [DD]

Jenny's Humiliating Roadside Strip Search [DD]

Author: Cummings, J.C.

Narrator: Scott Ashey


Format: Digital Download

Length: 82 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593169190


Warning: Explicit Content.

Jenny Walker, a fifty-five-year-old retiree, has been getting pretty bored with her life recently. And her ho-hum husband, Norm, has been little help--why, he's just as bored, and boring, as she--especially, it seems, when it comes to sex. They still love each other, but the spark has definitely gone out of their lives--both in bed and out.

Jenny assumes that Norm's lack of interest in sex is her her own fault--as an older woman, maybe she just doesn't have what it takes to get him off anymore.

Or, maybe she does...

As the story opens, we find Jenny and Norm on a road trip vacation through the deep South, looking to add some excitement to their life. Well, they find it all right--or, rather, it finds them... in spades!

Jenny gets pulled over for speeding by an Alabama sheriff and his young deputy-trainee straight out of some cheesy southern movie. But that's not the worst of their problems. Seems the sheriff's been on the lookout for a couple who'd made off with some gold jewelry from a gift shop earlier that day--in a car like theirs. And, naturally, he accuses them.

He orders them out of the car. Then, he and his assistant conduct a very embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading strip search on Jenny right beside the road in broad daylight. Frankly, this could quite possibly be the most embarrassing ordeal any shy, curvy woman could ever be put through.

As one would expect, Jenny is nearly in shock. And this strip search goes all the way...the modest, shaking woman is made to undress completely right there beside the car on the open highway. Then, both the sheriff and the trainee--both perverts--bend her over, spread her, and search her so thoroughly it leaves Jenny dazed. And Norm hard as a monkey wrench!

Norm can't believe what he's seeing. He had no idea that Jenny's body could turn him on so much. Plus, seeing her looking so shy, submissive, and vulnerable as she undresses and bends over the hood of their car for the two officers is a bonus he never could have imagined. Add to that the thrill--and the jealousy--he gets seeing them sticking their fingers deep inside his wife's body cavities. He's left wanting some of that for himself!

And he gets it. After they are free to go, Norm can't wait to get Jenny alone in a hotel room where he proceeds to conduct his own very thorough strip search--one that leaves both of them wanting more than just fingers in on the act! Safe to assume that Jenny's boring life as a retiree is over!

Fans of ENF/CMNF: This story is for you! Part of the "Shy Women, Maximum Embarrassment" Audiobook Series.

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J.C. Cummings is a happy, hard-working, and fun-loving author of adult fiction living the seaside cottage lifestyle in beautiful, sun-drenched North Carolina. Oh, he loves his work! Sitting out on the deck, typing away at the sexploits of one randy couple after another... and all the while feeling his own tingles from the sun and the ocean breeze on his skin, the rhythmic pounding of the surf in his ears, and view after view of semi-naked bodies spread out before him... well, he absolutely cannot think of anything he'd rather do more (for a living, anyway)!

Scott Ashey is a Rhode Island-based muscian, writer, and instructor with over 25 years' experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.

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