Scenes From The Journey [DD]

Scenes From The Journey [DD]

Author: Tudor, Ann

Narrator: Ann Tudor


Format: Digital Download

Length: 60 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593168858


Follow author and narrator Ann Tudor as she moves from one stage of life to the next, looking for the lesson as well as for the beauty of the moment. Her stories are informed by the varied experiences of her life: she has been teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, copy editor, fibre artist, practitioner of the healing arts, pianist, aspiring cellist, and, underlying it all, observer/writer.

Audio Clip
Ann Tudor is a Toronto-based writer of creative non-fiction whose current work includes memoirs and personal essay collections. She has a degree in English from DePauw University and an M.A.T. degree from Vanderbilt University. Her best-selling audiobooks include "Tales from My Table," "Rosie & the Angels," and "I Love Pie." Available commercially for the first time now are "We Called Her Eileen," and "A Child's Midwestern Christmas." At various times of her fascinating life she has been a church organist, craftsperson, wife-mother-grandmother, cook, student of the cello, hands-on healer, and editor for a library science publisher. From each of her vocations and avocations she has coaxed a little additional information on how to make it through the journey of life. You can find essays and information at

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