Inspirations Anew For You [DD]

Inspirations Anew For You [DD]

Author: Saia, Ronald Franklin

Narrator: Ronald Franklin Saia


Format: Digital Download

Length: 50 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593168872


Inspirations Anew For You evolved from Heartland Inspirations and Kentucky Wonder continuing my being inspired by life and the desire to lift up others. Everyone needs an occasional lift from life's challenges which tests our coping ability. I believe that Inspirations Anew for You will provide that moment for you.

Audio Clip
Ronald Franklin Saia was born a grandson to a Italian from Sutera, Sicily. Growing up in rural Kansas gave Ronald a deep feeling in his soul for the outdoors. He hunted, trapped, rode his buckskin mare old Beauty, slept under the stars and cooked supper over an open camp fire. He is a real American patriot. While Ronald worked his way through college, he lived at home with his precious mother, Mary, and father, Victor. What a blessing it was for God to have chosen them for this parents. For a time, he worked in Venezuela where he met his wife, Barb. He has traveled in South/Central America and Europe. Ronald's inspirations/poetry are straight from his heart and represent a true appreciation for creation and God's works along with life's experiences and personal observations.

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