What Great Singers Do and You (Probably) Don\'t [DD]

What Great Singers Do and You (Probably) Don't [DD]

Author: Munslow, Stan

Narrator: Stan Munslow


Format: Digital Download

Length: 18 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593168926


Over the years, Stan Munslow has worked with hundreds of professional singers, students and colleagues alike. He has seen it all, from "wow" to "oh dear." If there is one thing (well, six, actually) Munslow would tell all of them, it would be the six high-level pro tips you'll learn on this audio program. May each and every tip help you become the kind of singer you really want to be!

Audio Clip
Stan Munslow is a Rhode Island-based muscian, writer, and instructor with over 28 years' experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.


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