The Secret of the Magnifique [DD]

The Secret of the Magnifique [DD]

Author: Oppenheim, E. Phillips

Narrator: Charles Whittworth


Format: Digital Download

Length: 67 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593168971


The mysterious Mr. Laxworthy, a fictional character created by E. Phillips Oppenheim in 1913, hires two ex-cons for a job in the south of France. But the self-described 'adventurer' isn't after money. His eyes are on greater prizes--the most valuable secret of the French navy and the reputation of two very important men.

Audio Clip
Edward Phillips Oppenheim, October 22, 1866 - February 3, 1946, was an English writer of over 100 novels and dozens of short story collections.

Charles Henry Whitworth III graduated from University of Derby with a degree in dramatic arts and economics. He has been an integral part of his local theater for two decades, and has worked for the BBC as an editor since 1991. He enjoys narrating British classics, particularly detective stories and novels.

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