The Missing Q.C.\'s [DD}

The Missing Q.C.'s [DD}

Author: Oxenham, John

Narrator: Gino Hunter


Format: Digital Download

Length: 63 Mins.

ISBN: 9781885408105


Two leading London barristers--Queen's Counsels--disappear during a murder trial, one for the prosecution and one for the defense. Junior defense barrister Charles Dallas searches for his two colleagues, but they are about to undergo the most bizarre of trials themselves.

Audio Clip
English novelist and poet John Oxenham (November 12, 1852 - January 28, 1941) was born William Arthur Dunkerley in Manchester, England, in 1852. His entry into the literary world was not as a writer but as a publisher; with several partners he started the publication "The Idler", and later on the weekly "To-Day". He traveled extensively in Europe, Canada and the US as part of his publishing duties, but eventually decided he wanted to be a writer more than he did a publisher, and in 1913 he finished "Bees in Amber". However, his publisher would not spend a penny promoting it, and even asked that he limit the book to no more than 200 copies, as they knew they could not sell that many. He eventually printed the book at his own expense; it wound up selling almost 300,000 copies. During World War I he self-published several volumes of poetry, and together they sold over a million copies. He also wrote a song called "Hymn for the Men at the Front" that eventually sold more than 8,000,000 copies. Altogether he has published more than 40 novels, poetry books and essays.

Gino Hunter is a Minnesota-based actor, writer, and movie production instructor with over 16 years of experience both onstage, backstage and behind the camera. He holds a masters from Carlton College and has been leading musicians--professional and amateur alike--and filmmakers since 1999. He currently lives in Key West, FL.

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