My Faith--Shamefully Exposed in a Court of Law. A Sweet, Modest Wife, Her Frustrated Husband, and a Lecherous Judge [DD]

My Faith--Shamefully Exposed in a Court of Law. A Sweet, Modest Wife, Her Frustrated Husband, and a Lecherous Judge [DD]

Author: Cummings, J.C.

Narrator: Scott Ashey


Format: Digital Download

Length: 41 Mins.

ISBN: 9781931953771


Warning: Explicit Content.

My Faith: Shamefully Exposed in a Court of Law: A Sweet, Modest Wife, Her Frustrated Husband, and a Lecherous Judge. A Story of Appalling Humiliation.

Barry Donahue may be a Protestant minister, but he's also a guy--a guy who loves his gorgeous wife Faith and one who has male urges galore. Naturally, being the wife of a minister, along with her own innate modesty, causes Faith to be more than a little unadventurous in their sex life. This leaves poor Barry feeling more than a little frustrated!

But all that comes to a screeching halt while traveling in Mississippi to attend their daughter Felicity's college graduation. While Faith is pouring through a gift shop--and while Barry is outside watching a parade--she makes the mistake of exiting the store to show him a couple of bracelets that she wants to buy.

And right on her heels storms Merle Gleason, the jowly, pot-bellied storeowner, accusing Faith of shoplifting!

And right on his heels: a couple of young, dirty-minded police deputies willing to "help out" any way they can!

After an initial--and very humiliating--pat-down search right out on the main street, Merle and the deputies come to the conclusion that Faith's clothes need to come off and a full cavity search in the back of the store is in order. Naturally, Faith adamantly refuses.

Big mistake. Huge, actually!

She and Barry are hauled into court, where the seedy judge decides that, if they want to make it to their daughter's graduation in a couple of hours, she must submit to that cavity search right then and there--in a packed courthouse!

It would appear that Faith should have had it done back at the store when she had the chance, for this search is far more comprehensive, far more public, and far more humiliating. After isn't just the judge that needs to be convinced--but the horny, mostly male jury as well!

The only questions are: How much farther than this ordeal be taken? How much humiliation can Faith endure? And how much arousal can Barry withstand before he completely blows a gasket?

Read the entire sultry, southern romp today and find out!

Fans of ENF police strip search erotica featuring a shy, shivering, harrowingly humiliated female and her soon-to-be thrilled-out-of-his-mind husband--this one is for you! Get your copy today and see how "unjust" the criminal justice system can be!

This is Book #9 in J.C.'s latest series: "My Wife--Submissive at Last"--a collection of titillating tales featuring horny, hard-up, and harried husbands who find themselves in newfound positions of power and dominance over their demanding, controlling, and sexually conservative wives. It sure is fun to flip the balance of power back to the man for a change--especially when his woman is gorgeous, well-built, and submissive at last!

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J.C. Cummings is a happy, hard-working, and fun-loving author of adult fiction living the seaside cottage lifestyle in beautiful, sun-drenched North Carolina. Oh, he loves his work! Sitting out on the deck, typing away at the sexploits of one randy couple after another... and all the while feeling his own tingles from the sun and the ocean breeze on his skin, the rhythmic pounding of the surf in his ears, and view after view of semi-naked bodies spread out before him... well, he absolutely cannot think of anything he'd rather do more (for a living, anyway)!

Scott Ashey is a Rhode Island-based muscian, writer, and instructor with over 25 years' experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.

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