The Golden Rule Of Schmoozing [3CD]

The Golden Rule Of Schmoozing [3CD]

Author: Jaye, Aye

Narrator: Penn Jillette


Format: 3 CDs

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160371

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So what is schmoozing? According to Webster's unabridged dictionary, schmoozing is a Yiddish word that means to chat or to converse idly. But today there is a common misconception, the word has come to suggest a con or trickery. It's not.

Schmoozing is the Golden Rule at full throttle. It's a thrill and an art form that encourages people to say, "you've made my day" instead of demanding "make my day". It's a technique for turning others on, not taking others on. A schmoozer is someone who talks to people as if they really mattered-and they do!

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Aye Jaye is a performer, stand-up comedian, lecturer, and member of the Clown Hall of Fame. As a performer for an international kids entertainment and advertising corporation, he has entertained millions at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rose Bowl, and Radio City Music Hall and has played the White House seven times. After spending three fourths of his life as a functional illiterate, Aye Jaye eventually added 'author' to that list.

Penn Jillette, who has been called the most wired magician on this planet, is the more gregarious half of Penn & Teller--the world's most famous magic duo. Since 1975, Penn & Teller's award-winning theater show has been a long-running hit on and off Broadway.


Library Journal
"This self-help audio is read with considerable humor and feeling by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame. Highly recommended."

Quill & Quire
"After three hours of Jillette's gregarious salt of the earth narration listeners will come away believing that schmoozing is more natural and attainable than most of us ever imagined, or wanted, it to be."

Publishers Weekly
"Jaye, a professional performer and clown, has applied the Yiddish term 'schmoozing,' or 'chatting,' to all aspects of life: business dealings, romance strategies, child-rearing. His underlying premise is simple: 'People want to be schmoozed."

"Pick up The Golden Rule of Schmoozing and learn how you can transform yourself from Nervous Norvess to Cary Grant. Penn Jillette, the magician, reads Aye Jaye's three-hour Schmoozing."

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