Why Geese Don\'t Get Obese: And We Do [2CS]

Why Geese Don't Get Obese: And We Do [2CS]

Author: Widmaier, Eric P.

Narrator: Rick Adamson


Format: 2 Cassettes

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781885408280

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Imagine being able to consume 250,000 calories daily without gaining weight. If you had the metabolism of a shrew you could. And while most of us can't hold our breath for more than a few minutes, the Weddell seal can remain underwater for a full 75 minutes!

Why Geese Don't Get Obese discusses how humans and other creatures have evolved to gauge their need for food; gather water and oxygen; circulate blood; regulate body temperature and respond to stressful situations.

Peppy prose and just the right amount of detail make this audiobook a delight and a fitting ode to the remarkable resilience of nature.

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Eric Widmaier, producer, director and host of an educational television program "Widmaier's World of Animals" which airs in Boston, is Associate Professor of Biology at Boston University where he teaches physiology.

Rick Adamson is a Grammy nominee and an American Library Association award-winning narrator of audiobooks for all ages. He has appeared on television and videos, as well as dozens of audiobook productions. Rick lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.


Arizona Daily Star
"This fascinating compilation of nature facts written by Eric P. Widmaier and read by Rick Adamson is one gem after another."

Publishers Weekly
"This is a book that invites readers to pan for gems."

Library Journal
"Lucid explanations of how scientific method is used to learn about human and animal physiology."

"If ever a book was made for listening while driving, this is it. The reader is outstanding, the writing is clear. By the end of the three hours the author's lucid presentation of all kinds of [science] topics will have enormously enriched the listener's knowledge of the world."

Los Angeles Times
"If you want something fun for the whole family, bring this along for your next road trip. Author Eric Widmaier writes with peppy good cheer about such subjects as metabolism, homeostasis and hydration. He is direct enough for the kids to understand and interesting enough to maintain adult attention spans. In fact, you may catch yourself saying, "I didn't know that," as he explains the length of time that seals can hold their breath. Adamson is a lively narrator. He picks up on Widmaier's energetic writing style and has a sweet, inviting manner that keeps you listening."

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