The Worry Cure [DD]

The Worry Cure [DD]

Author: Leahy, Robert

Narrator: Mike Chamberlain


Format: Digital Download

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781593163532


Robert L. Leahy presents a systematic, accessible self-help guide to gaining control over debilitating anxiety from relationships, health, money and work. Leahy is an expert in changing thought processes, and he walks worriers step-by-step through problems in the way they think, with pointers on how to change these biases.

For self-assessment, he provides several questionnaires to take your worry profile, including estimations of your, personal beliefs on self and relationships, and your ability to tolerate uncertainty. The author then outlines a seven-step worry-reduction plan: beginning with identifying productive and unproductive worry, progressing to improving skills for accepting reality, challenging worried thinking and learning to harness unpleasant emotions such as fear or anger.

Audio Clip

Dr. Robert L. Leahy has authored fifteen books on cognitive therapy and psychological processes. He is the President of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy, President-Elect of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical School.


A resident of Los Angeles, Mike Chamberlain, has been seen on televison and in feature-length films, and has worked behind the microphone for the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service. Previously, he studied at Boston College's Theater Department, performing works ranging from the classics and Shakespeare, to contemporary comedy and drama.

"This may be the best and most appropriate self-help many modern, busy listeners in hectic prime time can absorb."

"Deftly unveiling the reasons that well-meaning attempts to help worriers often fail, Leahy offers worry-reduction strategies that include sometimes surprising suggestions. Worry at specific times, he advises. Desensitize yourself to your deepest worries by repeating them until they become boringly familiar and less powerful: 'I may die of cancer. I may die of cancer...' Narrator Mike Chamberlain reads clearly and capably, helped by Leahy's bullet-pointed prose."

Kirkus Reviews
"While it's clearly geared towards those with serious anxiety issues, Leahy's advice will resonate with anyone who has had one too many sleepless nights."

Publishers Weekly
"Following Leahy's steps involves keeping emotion diaries, answering a battery of questions to monitor and challenge worries and maintaining regular vigilance over your thoughts. Those who can summon the discipline and commitment to stick to Leahy's program might find some relief."

The New York Times
"Engagingly and persuasively [Leahy] coaxes self-tormentors to have mercy on themselves. Rather than offering palliatives, like "be more positive," or "try to get your mind off it," he acknowledges that many chronic worriers--including the subset he calls "defensive pessimists"--want to worry, and are superstitious that, if they fail to worry, they will jinx themselves. Instead he recommends that they manage their fears by scheduling regular freakout sessions, and gives pointers on how they can realistically deal with their concerns."

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