What We Do For Love [2CS]

What We Do For Love [2CS]

Author: Beckerman, Ilene

Narrator: Kathy Garver


Format: 2 Cassettes

Length: 2 Hours

ISBN: 9781885408297

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Ilene Beckermen tells her funny, sometimes heartbreaking story that every woman who's ever searched for love will recognize. The First Crush. The phone call that doesn't come. The makeovers after the breakups. And the exchange of marriage vows.

Beckerman looks back on a lifetime of trying to find true love. She remembers sneaking out of the house to neck with her high school boyfriend, dancing cheek-to-cheek with her first husband, and settling down with her second. But even he is not the man of her dreams.

Through it all, Beckerman holds on to the possibility that there might be someone out there who's just right for her. And, as it turns out, there is. What We Do For Love is a moving, humorous reminder that when it comes to love almost anything is possible!

Audio Clip

Ilene Beckerman, author of the critically-lauded Love, Loss, And What I Wore, grew up in Manhattan with her older sister, Blossom, and her two best friends, Gay and Dora. She is the vice president of an advertising agency based in New Jersey.


Kathy Garver, is an accomplished actress who portrayed "Cissy" for five years on the hit CBS television series Family Affair. Originally hired for a small part in the epic motion picture The Ten Commandments, Kathy was noticed by the great director Cecil B. DeMille who had special scenes written into the movie to highlight her. She has appeared on countless television programs, in film and theatre and is an experienced voiceover talent. Kathy resides in San Francisco.


Publishers Weekly
"This is fresh and appealing material, with a personal flair that lends itself to audio adaptation."

Today's Librarian
"Beckerman's phenomenal memory for detail allows her to recreate moments from her lovelorn past that most adult listeners will relate to with relish. Beckerman is funny, self-effacing and inspirational. Even better, her author's voice translates to the spoken word with dead-on timing."

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