Epic [4CS]

Epic [4CS]

Author: Adrenaline Series

Narrator: Eric Conger, Rick Adamson, Graeme Malcolm, Alan Sklar


Format: 4 Cassettes

Length: 6 Hours

ISBN: 9781885408334

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Epic--a mountaineering term that evokes a sense of treacherous disaster. The climb that went wrong: fighting blinding snowstorms and horrific avalanches; days spent tent-bound running low on food, water and oxygen; surviving broken bones and shattered spirits.

With selections by Greg Child, Stephen Venables, Art Davidson, David Roberts, Robert Bates, Alfred Lansing, Charles Houston, and Maurice Herzog, Epic is a collection of the most memorable accounts of legend-making expeditions to the world's most famous peaks, often in the worst possible conditions. Epic is an adventure audiobook at its most compelling.

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Clint Willis has been a climber and an armchair mountaineer since he was ten years old. His writing about technology, finance and the outdoors has appeared in more than 100 publications, including Men's Journal, Outside, Rock & Ice and The New York Times, and he is a contributing editor of Forbes ASAP and Worth magazines. He lives with his wife and two sons in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Rick Adamson is a Grammy nominee and an American Library Association award-winning narrator of audiobooks for all ages. He has appeared on television and videos, as well as dozens of audiobook productions. Rick lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.

Eric Conger has appeared on television's Another World and Loving, and on stage at over a dozen regional theatres. He has voiced over 4,000 corporate and documentary programs, and narrated over 48 audiobooks. He lives in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Graeme Malcolm, with over 150 audiobooks to his credit, is an accomplished television, film and stage actor. He has been honored with an Audie Award for his narrative skills and was the 1998 recipient of the Narrator of the Year Award from the American Foundation For The Blind.

Alan Sklar has been a voiceover artist for over ten years. He has recorded for radio, television and video, as well as narrated both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks. He lives in Mt. Kisco, New York with his wife, Anita.

"The pride and thrill of achieving a summit is described vividly, both in terms of vocal inflection and vocabulary choice. The anguish over losing a climbing comrade, the despair after realizing one is lost and the hope of rescue from bad weather are found in almost every story."

Los Angeles Times
"The stories are vivid and lively."

Chapel Hill News
"Each set has a variety of four or five narrators, all of whom are excellent readers. Variety comes in the stories themselves, which portray a wide range of experiences. Many of the stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. Others will make you marvel and wonder at these crazy fools who risk their lives."

"Listeners will find it hard to turn this off before the end of any of its stories."

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