The Witch Family [4CD]

The Witch Family [4CD]

Author: Estes, Eleanor

Narrator: Jane Jacobs


Format: 4 CDs

Length: 5 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160937

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Old Witch likes nothing better than to fly about on her broomstick crying--Heh-Heh!--and casting abracadabras, but now she has been sent away--by two young girls.

Amy and Clarissa love to tell stories about Old Witch--until one day they decide she is just too mean and wicked. Drawing a rickety old house upon a barren glass hill, the girls exile Old Witch there with the warning that she'd better be good-or else no Halloween! For company they draw her a Little Witch Girl and a Weeny Witch Baby.

Old Witch tries to be good, but anyone would get up to no good in a place as lonely as the glass hill--as Amy and Clarissa find out when Old Witch magics them into her world, a world of make-believe made real.

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Eleanor Estes (1906-1988), a children's librarian for many years, launched her writing career with the publication of The Moffats in 1941. Two of her books about the Moffats are Newbery Honor books, as is The Hundred Dresses. Estes won the Newbery Medal for Ginger Pye in 1952.

Jane Jacobs is a versatile actress and singer, with fiction, history and romance titles to her audiobook credits. Her voice can also be heard in radio and television commercials, interactive games, and a wide variety of other multi-media projects. Jane has been recognized for her work as a narrator in two Emmy-nominated documentaries. With credits in episodic television as well as live theatre, she's made Los Angeles her headquarters for a broad base of creative endeavors.


The Horn Book
"A very special book that is certain to give boundless pleasure--at any time of the year."

"Jane Jacobs's crisp, smiling voice persuades listeners that all will be well even when she uses a crotchety voice for scheming Old Witch. The story is full of delicious vocabulary, puns, rhymes, and spelling, most often through the unusual voice of Malachi, the magic spelling bumblebee."

Library Journal
"Full of wonderful fun, excitement, and humor...a classic."

"To those children who move unhesitatingly between the real and unreal...the story with all its delicious witch lore will be pure delight."

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