How To Win Any Argument [3CD]

How To Win Any Argument [3CD]

Author: Mayer, Robert

Narrator: David Drummond


Format: 3 CDs

Length: 4 Hours

ISBN: 9781593161064

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Are you the parent of an argumentative teen or a teen with an argumentative parent? Are you anticipating an argument with your boss when you ask for a raise? Are you expecting trouble from a supplier, contractor, landlord, or subordinate? Or do you just ignore conflict situations hoping that they'll magically disappear or solve themselves?

The art of argument. It's mysterious and powerful. It's the art of having things go your way. But also it's the art of getting out of your own way. It's having The Moves. But it's also about having The Touch. Arguing. There's the rough and tumble of the norm, the amateur's game. Then there's the pro's game--always knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Winning arguments without quarreling, squabbling, tussling, wrangling, bickering, raising your voice, losing your cool, or coming to blows.

Winning arguments without bulldozing and browbeating the other guy. Winning arguments by finessing rather than forcing, kickin' butt or being in the other guy's face. Winning arguments without offending or embarrassing anyone, including yourself. Winning arguments with confidence, grace and ease.

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Entertainment Today
"Bob Mayer is the Leader of the CAN-DO Club."

Robert Hudecek, President/CEO, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Co.
"A tender and effective approach to tough problems. More than a book, it's a way of life."

Cuba Gooding, Jr., Academy Award Winning Actor
"Two Thumbs up! A whole new way of being smart about all the people in your life. Bob Mayer tells you how to finesse the results you want without pleading, prodding, pushing, or pulling."

Larry King calls Bob Mayer a "lawyer's lawyer." He has appeared on over 130 radio and television shows and has conducted negotiating workshops for UCLA, the University of Southern California, Tulane University, Pepperdine University, various governmental authorities, private companies, and professional associations. He lives in Los Angeles.

David Drummond has been making his living as an actor for over 20 years, in theatre, film, TV, voice-overs and, now, long-form narration.

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