So 5 Minutes Ago [5CD]

So 5 Minutes Ago [5CD]

Author: de Vries, Hilary

Narrator: Laura Hamilton


Format: 5 CDs

Length: 6 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160227

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Alex Davidson is a thirty-something celebrity publicist for a down-at-heels Los Angeles PR firm known for taking on clients whose careers have crashed and burned. A professional hand-holder and spinmeister, she's one notch above a nanny on the Hollywood food chain.

L.A. is already losing its luster in Alex's eyes when her firm is bought out by the hottest agency in town. Will it mean massive layoffs or a chance at a big promotion? In between signing a new client (a once-hot-now-not actor just out of rehab) and wondering if one of the partners is putting the moves on her, Alex grows wary of her new boss, a shark-like exec who's forcing out Alex's old boss under suspicious circumstances. Is there anything she can do to save her and her boss's jobs, and maybe right some wrongs against women in Hollywood along the way?

Packed with razor-sharp humor and featuring a winning protagonist, So 5 Minutes Ago will satisfy even the most hard-to-pleaser celebriholics who long to find out what goes on after a star steps off the red carpet.

Audio Clip

Hilary de Vries is an award-winning journalist and author who has covered Hollywood for more than a decade. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times and has written for Vogue, Rolling Stone, W, Vanity Fair and the Los Angeles Times. She lives in Los Angeles. This is her first novel.


The Gift Bag Chronicles

Laura Hamilton is a two-time recipient of ALA Notable Recording Awards and numerous Publisher Weekly 'Listen Up' Awards for her audiobook narrations. Ms. Hamilton has also done video and radio voice-over work for such companies as AT&T Broadband, the Chicago Bulls, Busch Gardens and Chicago's world famous Field Museum. She lives in Chicago.


"Laura Hamilton reads this amusing narrative with a lighthearted tone, giving Alex the voice of an unappreciated worker."

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