The Curious Adventures Of Jimmy McGee [4CD]

The Curious Adventures Of Jimmy McGee [4CD]

Author: Estes, Eleanor

Narrator: Jane Jacobs


Format: 4 CDs

Length: 5 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160678

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When Jimmy McGee finds this description of himself in Amy's notebook, he cannot fathom why he is called a hero. He thinks of himself as nothing more than a plumber, even if he does do his job very quickly, thanks to a certain magic he possesses called the zoomie-zoomies.

But Jimmy's life of turning on water and fixing dripping faucets is disrupted when he rescues Amy's doll, Little Lydia, from a monstrous wave that sweeps her off the beach. Jimmy keeps Little Lydia safe under his stovepipe hat, right on top of his magic box, where he keeps bolts of thunder and lightning--which causes Little Lydia to become electrified, out-of-control, be-bop doll with the zoomie-zoomies.

Can Jimmy find a way to restore Little Lydia to her original state as a "do-nothing doll" before he returns her to her rightful owner?

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Eleanor Estes (1906-1988), a children's librarian for many years, launched her writing career with the publication of The Moffats in 1941. Two of her books about the Moffats are Newbery Honor books, as is The Hundred Dresses. Estes won the Newbery Medal for Ginger Pye in 1952.

Jane Jacobs is a versatile actress and singer, with fiction, history and romance titles to her audiobook credits. Her voice can also be heard in radio and television commercials, interactive games, and a wide variety of other multi-media projects. Jane has been recognized for her work as a narrator in two Emmy-nominated documentaries. With credits in episodic television as well as live theatre, she's made Los Angeles her headquarters for a broad base of creative endeavors.


Publishers Weekly
"One of Estes's most bewitching creations."

Christian Schools International
"Delightfully imaginative, with originality and humor. The author has a deep sense of a child's world of wonder."

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