The Art Of Spooning [1CS]

The Art Of Spooning [1CS]

Author: Goldblatt, Jim & Lisa

Narrator: Kathy Garver


Format: 1 Cassette

Length: 1 Hour

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What exactly is spooning? Spooning is a kind of horizontal hug, two bodies curling up so they both fit perfectly into each other's nooks and comfy places--like two spoons in a drawer!

Never spooned before? Well, fear not! Expert spooners, Jim Grace and Lisa Goldblatt Grace, will guide you through the Standard Spoon for beginners and carefully lead you to more complex and adventuresome spoons including the Chair Spoon and the Artful Spoon (not for beginners), as well as Seasonal Spoons for those holiday get-togethers.

What should I do with the extra arm? What if my arm falls asleep? What do I do if my partner refuses to spoon? You'll find answers to these and other frequently asked questions about spooning in this fun little book. Test yourself--and your loved one--on your spooning potential with the revealing pop quiz inside this guide.

With helpful tips on simple pleasures to set--and keep--a romantic, spoonful mood, The Art of Spooning will bring out the spooner in you!

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Lisa Goldblatt Grace is the assistant director of a homeless shelter for teenage parents. Jim Grace is a housing attorney, mediator, and editor. The Art of Spooning is their first book together. They are married and live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kathy Garver is an accomplished actress who portrayed 'Cissy' for five years on the hit CBS television series "Family Affair." Originally hired for a small part in the epic motion picture The Ten Commandments, Kathy was noticed by the great director Cecil B. DeMille who had special scenes written into the movie to highlight the little girl. She has appeared on countless television programs, in film and theatre and is an experienced voiceover talent. Kathy resides in San Francisco, California.


Reviewers Bookwatch
"The Art of Spooning is highly recommended for enhancing the return of romance in a long term marriage or for creating that special intimacy so essential for a new found love."

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