Destiny: An Uncommon Journey [DD]

Destiny: An Uncommon Journey [DD]

Author: Krueger MD, David

Narrator: David Krueger MD


Format: Digital Download

Length: 19 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593167592


Destiny is a timeless story of a fundamental journey through new and sometimes troubled waters to self-discovery. Destiny, the ship, embarks on a universal yet unique odyssey; her story is inspiring, an elegant wisdom of the hard-work miracle of individual growth.

A deceptively simple allegory, it is a composite of the basic elements of the search for wholeness and a sense of well-being. Destiny's quest provides a framework for viewing and understanding the landmarks of navigating personal storms. The building blocks to develop a cohesive, vibrant sense of self form Destiny's journey. This most common of all voyages, viewed in an uncommon way, catalyzes and achieves a celebration of the self.

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David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Mentor Coach, and CEO of MentorPath®, an executive coaching, training, publishing, and wellness firm. His work integrates psychology and neuroscience with strategic coaching to help executives and professionals in high-risk, high-reward situations to develop and sustain success strategies. Author of 20 trade and professional books on success, wellness, money, and self-development, and 75 scientific papers, he has been quoted in Money, Fortune, Forbes, Town and Country, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

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