The Affair of Lamson\'s Cook [DD]

The Affair of Lamson's Cook [DD]

Author: Pidgin, Charles Felton

Narrator: Cece Fullerton


Format: Digital Download

Length: 46 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593168063


Written by Charles Felton Pidgin, The Affair of Lamson's Cook, is a mystery involving Quincy Adams Sawyer, a private detective in Boston during the 1920s.

Audio Clip
Charles Felton Pidgin (November 11, 1844 - June 3, 1923) was a Massachusetts state statistician, inventor of statistical tabulating machines, and author of songs, plays and, particularly, novels featuring Detective Quincy Adams Sawyer.

A longtime local stage actor, Cece Fullerton was bit by the theatre bug at an early age. A native of Washington state, Fullerton studied Shakespeare in college, writing well-received critiques of his works. After a short stint in Europe, Fullerton returned to the US to direct various off-Broadway plays, while doing extensive voice-over work.

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