Everything You Pretend To Know And Are Afraid Someone Will Ask [DD]

Everything You Pretend To Know And Are Afraid Someone Will Ask [DD]

Author: Padwa, Lynette

Narrator: Cynthia Lauren Tewes


Format: Digital Download

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781593163891


Why are conservatives on the "right" and liberals on the "left"? What is an archetype? Most people drop these and other cultural references in conversation all the time without really knowing much about them. But with this witty, information-packed audiobook, you can quickly bone up on the actual facts behind the multitude of data, events, and words that come at you each day--and that you've been casually bandying about without really understanding.

Here are invaluable explanations of a wide range of topics that are assumed to be common knowledge, from deciphering newsspeak (what is a spin doctor?) to psychobabble (what's the difference between the ego and the id?) to cyberlingo (what is cyberlingo?); from the supposedly obvious (what makes cholesterol good or bad?) to the deceptively simple (what is a formula race car?). Perfect as a reference tool, for browsing, or simply for sharing impressive, newfound knowledge with family and friends, this handbook will endow you with genuine cultural literacy in just a few hours of fun-filled listening.

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Lynnette Padwa is the author of the best-selling book, Say The Magic Words, and co-author of If You Could Hear What I See (with Kathy Buckley), Moses on Management (with David Baron), and For Mothers of Difficult Daughters (with Dr. Charney Herst). She lives in Los Angeles.


Cynthia Lauren Tewes, a professional actress for more than 30 years, is best known playing the character, Julie McCoy, on the hit television show, "The Love Boat." Tewes first realized that she enjoyed reading aloud when she was in the 4th grade and was sent out of the classroom for saying that she could read better than the teacher. She has performed on numerous television shows, film, radio, video games and in regional theatres across the US. This is her first audio book.

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