Dogs Will Be Dogs [2CD]

Dogs Will Be Dogs [2CD]

Author: St. Hubert's Animal Wel. Ctr

Narrator: Experts From St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Ctr.


Format: 2 CDs

Length: 3 Hours

ISBN: 9781593160913

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Jumping, barking, digging, chewing and house soiling are just a few of the topics covered in these two, easy-to-understand compact discs.

* Leader of the Pack
* Good House Manners
* The Art of Housebreaking
* My Destructive Dog

The first step in establishing a healthy, happy relationship with your dog is understanding why he behaves the way he does. This entertaining audio program designed for all ages will teach you about "dogs being dogs."

Experts from St. Hubert's Dog Training School in Madison, New Jersey--one of the largest dog training schools in America--share simple and humane techniques for gently but effectively training your four-footed friend. Hear directly from the dog's mouth the straight scoop on canine motives and how he perceives your behavior. Learn how to communicate to your dog what you want him to do and what behaviors are acceptable.

Helping your dog become a well-behaved member of your household can be fun and rewarding--for both of you!

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St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center is a nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering and neglect of companion animals. Our animal shelters provide safe refuge and compassionate care for thousands of lost, abandoned, abused, and unwanted dogs and cats every year.

Founded in 1939 by Geraldine R. Dodge, St. Hubert's serves the animals and people of the community with a wide variety of programs that nurture the human-animal bond and foster an environment in which people respect all living creatures. Many of our innovative programs for animals and people serve as models for other organizations across the country.

Julie Morris, ASPCA
"These CDs provide expert advice at your fingertips, whenever you need it. It gives the pet owner another tool to mold positive behavior. This collection is packed with practical tips any dog owner can use."

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