iChangers Series With Dr. James Walton and Suzannah Galland: Tension Relief & Flying Without Fear [DD]

iChangers Series With Dr. James Walton and Suzannah Galland: Tension Relief & Flying Without Fear [DD]

Author: Walton, Dr. James/Galland, S.

Narrator: Dr. James E. Walton


Format: Digital Download

Length: 11 Mins.

ISBN: 9798886420135


Let Dr. James Walton guide you through a discussion and affirmations to relieve stress and gain personal control, followed by instructions to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in flight, whether as a passenger on a small plane or a jumbo jet, so that the sky's the limit on your air travels!

Audio Clip
As a nationally recognized expert in the field of individual and couples therapy, Dr. James E. Walton has been featured and quoted on numerous television and radio programs, as well as other media. He uses a combination of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis in his private practice in Los Angeles--with great results. Dr. Walton's audio work has won multiple international awards in the genre of self-help. He holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and brings the benefit of his 30 years of experience to a wider audience through his audio series.

Suzannah Galland is a British-born empath and an internationally acclaimed Executive Coach, relationship expert, and author who leads her clients to achieve breakthroughs in every aspect of their lives--from career to family and romance. Through conscious mindfulness, Suzannah guides others on their journey to happiness and fulfillment. She is a go-to for all those uncertainties in life, paving the way for personal growth and transformation. She draws upon her extensive background in personal developmental and spiritual practices. Globally beloved, Suzannah has written for high-profile magazines like Huffington Post, Harper's Bazaar, Thrive Global, and Medium. Additionally, she has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, New York Magazine, USA Today and co-author of Goop's The Sex Issue. Suzannah has appeared on the Today Show and as a frequent guidance expert on America's Next Top Model. Suzannah is also a licensed HeartMath coach to help reduce stress by increasing inner balance and self-security and is a Kinesiology expert with Brain Gym. She holds a Management Consulting Essentials & Executive Leadership certificate from Cornell University.


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