Let Them Play With You, Honey...or Else! How My Bossy Wife\'s Temporary Amnesia Made Me a Hero to My Dirty-Minded Friends [DD]

Let Them Play With You, Honey...or Else! How My Bossy Wife's Temporary Amnesia Made Me a Hero to My Dirty-Minded Friends [DD]

Author: Cummings, J.C.

Narrator: Scott Ashey


Format: Digital Download

Length: 41 Mins.

ISBN: 9798886420302


Warning: Explicit Content.

An ENF Submissive Female Story of Intense Humiliation. "Husbands Back in Charge" Series.

"Husbands Back in Charge" Series. To say that Matt Rollins is controlled and henpecked by his wife Rachael is a sad understatement. For years he's put up with her nagging and bossiness. Even in the bedroom, she's just as controlling...nd stingy to boot! Why does he put up with it? First, because Rachael is otherwise a smart, good-hearted, and very beautiful woman. Second, he doesn't want to rock the boat and possibly lose out on what few sex-morsels he gets.

But Matt's world is about to change--hugely.

Rachael has just been hospitalized with a nasty ear infection and a very high fever. But even though these are brought under control, her doctor stuns Matt when he informs him that she has amnesia! He goes on to reassure Matt that it will only last a day or two. However, during that time, Rachael won’t know who he is...or even who she is!

Hmm...Well, that gets Matt's dirty-minded wheels turning!

The instant they get home, Matt convinces Rachael that a) he runs the show in their marriage and b) that she always submits happily to his very naughty demands. And naturally, she believes him! But no sooner does he get started enjoying her charms in ways he's never done before...when, oops, his four ski buddies walk right in on Matt's living room hijinks!

Oh, that's right! Matt was supposed to host this month's beer and cigars get-together! Well, he has to do something to make up for it. He has to make his friends happy. These four very wealthy men always take him along on their expensive ski trips (exploiting Matt's culinary expertise so that they can dine in style).

So, Matt graciously invites them to join him in his little sex party--and lets them see and feel his shivering naked wife all they want. And, boy, do they ever go all out! Matt is living it up. He's never gotten away with so much indecency and smuttiness with his wife before. Talk about going all out!

Why, he's having so much fun that he never even considers what's going to happen when Rachael gets her memory back!

Oh, dear...!

Fans of ENF stories featuring bossy, demanding wives being put in their place for a change, this one's for you. It's sort of fun for a henpecked hubby to be in the driver's seat--teaching his woman how sexy she can be when she's submissive, nervous, embarrassed, and at his mercy!

Audio Clip
J.C. Cummings is a happy, hard-working, and fun-loving author of adult fiction living the seaside cottage lifestyle in beautiful, sun-drenched North Carolina. Oh, he loves his work! Sitting out on the deck, typing away at the sexploits of one randy couple after another... and all the while feeling his own tingles from the sun and the ocean breeze on his skin, the rhythmic pounding of the surf in his ears, and view after view of semi-naked bodies spread out before him...well, he absolutely cannot think of anything he'd rather do more (for a living, anyway)!

Scott Ashey is a Rhode Island-based musician, writer, and instructor with over 25 years' experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.

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