The Don\'t Sweat Guide To Your Job Search [3CD]

The Don't Sweat Guide To Your Job Search [3CD]

Author: Don't Sweat Press

Narrator: Eric Conger


Format: 3 CDs

Length: 3 Hrs, 30 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593160319

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In these troubled economic times, looking for a new job, or searching for that very first job opportunity, can be extremely stressful. There's more competition out there, and fewer jobs to compete for. However, this time does not have to be as worrisome as it might seem. The Don't Sweat Guide to Your Job Search helps you to be more relaxed and peaceful as you hunt for the right occupation, and everyone knows that people are at their best in interviews when they're calm and relaxed. In essays such as:

* Beware of Time Frames
* Be Your Own Matchmaker
* Cast Your Net Wide
* What You Bring to the Table
* It's Not a One-Way Street
* The Theory of Relativity, Job Style

And many more. The editors of Don't Sweat Press reveal the best ways to search for a job without getting needlessly stressed out.

Audio Clip

From the Don't Sweat Press with a foreword by Richard Carlson, PhD. Carlson, whose Ph.D is in psychology, is considered one of the foremost experts in happiness and stress-reduction around the world.

Eric Conger has appeared on television's Another World and Loving, and on stage at over a dozen regional theatres. He has voiced over 4,000 corporate and documentary programs, and narrated over 48 audiobooks. He lives in Weehawken, New Jersey.

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