The Lazy Person\'s Guide To Investing [3CD]

The Lazy Person's Guide To Investing [3CD]

Author: Farrell, Paul B.

Narrator: Nick Summers


Format: 3 CDs

Length: 3 Hrs, 30 Mins.

ISBN: 9781593160784

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At last, an audiobook perfectly designed to deal with the common anxieties most people have about handling their financial investments--without taking up all of their time!

In today's volatile market, jittery nerves are the norm when it comes to saving and investing for the future. But with these keep-it-simple, easy-to-understand, and time-tested strategies that-best of all-take very little time or energy to maintain, readers can relax.

Dr. Farrell has reviewed all of the successful investment strategies and distilled them so that even the most inexperienced investor can plan a successful financial strategy.

Audio Clip

Paul B. Farrell, JD, PhD is a personal finance columnist at CBS Marketwatch. Farrell frequently appears in the media on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and FOX.


Nick Summers is a veteran voice performer, having practiced the craft for three decades. Having lived in places as diverse as Paris, France and a windswept island off the coast of Maine, he now makes his home in Los Angeles where he's an active voiceover artist, radio personality and radio writer. He wishes The Lazy Person's Guide To Investing had been published when he was 22.

Publishers Weekly
"Packed with clear examples of how regular people can easily handle their own investments, Farrell's guide also takes on other sacred cows, such as Wall Street's belief that brokers know more than you do, and provides an exciting and illuminating section on no-load stocks, or DRIPs, which he calls "Wall Street's best-kept secret."

"Aimed at 'procrastinators, the financially challenged, and everyone who worries about dealing with their money,' this smartly read lesson has a single point: Investors in stock and bond index funds earn more than those who trade individual stocks. Nick Summers is a solid choice for this brief and snappy presentation. His tone is silky, and his moderate level of intensity is perfect for the writing, which at times grabs listeners by the lapels to make a point."

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